That One Friend

A recent conversation with a friend made me wonder why do we have that one friend?  She was telling me about her new business adventure.  The excitement was plastered all over her gorgeous face.  Then she mentioned a “friend” made her question whether she has what it takes, to turn her dream into reality.  I sat watching her bright face slowly dim with every word released from her mouth.  I could feel my face mimicking hers. Before she had the chance to view my reaction as another “friend” that did not have faith in her, I had to speak up.  “Fuck her” was all my classy verbal skills could conjure up as a response.  Her reply “Oh well, we all have that one friend.”  Who is this friend?  How did they get into our lives?  Why do we allow them to stay?  Why can’t “fuck her” be a classy thing to say?  There are so many things that need to change.

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Time is short and life is filled with many things.  The good news is, we get to decide what things fill our life.  The bad news is, some things are trash.  Why do we lack the ability to throw these friends in a dumpster?  Why do we let our optimistic outlook on life, endure pessimistic dumpster mold?

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Some friends we acquired in our youth.  They have been around so long, it is hard to place them in a donation box and secure with duct tape.  Work friends clock in.  It is hard to force them to clock out.  Facebook friends made us click the accept button.  Now we can’t hit the delete button because we fear dramatic backlash.  The sniper friend has laid low.  You didn’t know they were here, until you feel the blood running from your face.  The jack-in-the-box friend pops up.  It scares the shit out of you, anytime you mention bettering your life.  Mother Goose can’t wait to tell you a story!  One time, two other people tried what you are thinking about, and almost ended up in an oven!

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The list of awful things could go on and on.

We are adults.  The same adults that tell our children to be brave.  We have the audacity to tell children to ignore bullies.  Why can’t we tell them the truth?  Look them in the eyes and say “Mommy doesn’t know honey.  I have an asshole around that loves to point out; I can’t do it, I shouldn’t do it, my hair is frizzy, my lip color is all wrong, more squats would help my flat ass, I’m too bold, my teeth aren’t perfect, and my boobs need a better bra.  Mommy will cry with you…scoot over.”  We need to be the heroine of the story and lead by example.  Would Wonder Woman put up with all of this?  Hell no.  She would use her unbreakable bracelets to block their words.

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Her magic tiara would bomb their doubt. Her sword would cut through all ridicule before the Lasso of Justice hurled their sorry asses into oblivion.

Where did we put our Wonder Woman panties?

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The child within ourself needs to remember anything is possible.  The child watching begs us to lead by example.  Growing up shouldn’t be a pathway towards losing faith and encouragement.  Be Wonder Woman.  If you can’t find the strength, befriend a Robin that can say “fuck her”  We are out there and will protect you.  There is still more good than evil in this world.  Life is short and you have the opportunity to fill it with great things.  Thanks to a couple of Robin’s  I realized; I can do it, I should do it, people want my hair, my lip color is fine, my husband loves my ass, I’m too bold for some, my teeth are perfect, and my boobs are real.” Buh Bye trash  If you look in the right places you will never have to utter the phrase “that one friend”

For all the women that read this blog as a foreign document;  you have never had that friend or met a woman that could be that friend…kudos you always look like this on the inside  swinging

and we see you for what you are on the outside.

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It takes real superhero stuff to go through life without any of this.


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